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It is a rare golf or country club that can point to a community-service organization as its origin. Cavaliers is such a club.

 In September, 1957, five men-Alfred J. Vilone, Sr., Daniel A. Matassino, Joseph L. Errigo, James Julian, and Charles Petrillo-met at the Hotel Rodney, in Wilmington, to lay the groundwork for an organization that came to be called the Cavaliers of Delaware.

 Its purpose was to render broad community service to the people of the state-helping the needy, providing scholarships for worthy students, minimizing juvenile delinquency.

 The membership grew so rapidly that it was soon decided to add social and recreational activities to the base of civic and charitable endeavors.

 Exactly one year after the meeting at the Hotel Rodney, the Cavaliers purchased a 153-acre tract of farmland on Churchman Road, in New Castle County.

 A groundbreaking ceremony for the Cavaliers Country Club was held on January 5, 1959, with Delaware’s Governor Caleb J. Boggs turning over the first spade of earth (and well-nigh frozen earth it was as the temperature hovered at 15 while some 200 chilled looked on).

 Alfred J. Vilone, Sr., first president of the new club, estimated that the clubhouse would be completed by July and the golf course by the end of May, 1960.